Board Retreats

Targeted for new and continuing Board members, this workshop results in group goal-setting, programs of work and action plans for the ensuing year.

Creative Problem Solving

Ever find yourself in a rut? This fun, fast-paced program looks at the creative process, identifies traits of creative people and offers some hands-on activities in problem-solving.

Customer Service-Excellence Begins with You!

A carry-over from the 90’s, Excellence, Service, and Quality are still the key ingredients to keep today’s customers and bring in new ones. Proven steps and tips will show you how.

I Know You Think You Understand What I Meant…!

We spend most of our time in communications, yet many of us don’t always do so effectively.  An informative and entertaining look at the problems we face in interpersonal communications.

It’s About Time!

Why is it there’s never enough time to get everything done? It’s really not a question of time, of  course, but rather how we choose to use that time in a productive manner.

Leadership Is…”

Leadership is many things to many people. Learn the latest research and utilize the best practices of proven leaders. When all is said and done, it’s our EQ not our IQ that really makes the difference.

Managing Change

Whatever happened to the good old days? Thankfully, they’re gone forever, but people still tend to resist change. Take a look at the process of change and how to make it work for you.


TEAM really means Together Everyone Accomplishes More. You’ll learn the components of an effective team and how to apply them in everyday situations.

Train the Trainer Series

A series of workshops including such topics as “Games Trainers Play." Adult Learning, Facilitation Skills, etc., all show that learning can be fun!

Trends in the Meeting Industry

Futurists agree we can’t predict the future, but rather project the future. You’ll learn the top ten trends impacting the meetings industry and how to use them to your advantage.

“Unaccustomed As I Am…”

A light-hearted, content-rich session in which you’ll learn the basics of platform skills. You’ll learn not only how to control those butterflies, but to get them to fly in formation!

We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This

All too often, meetings are wasteful of time, talent and effort. This practical session shows why meetings fail and gives concrete suggestions for more effective and productive meetings of all kinds.

"A few words to thank you again for a wonderful workshop.  I learned a lot of things and my brain was literally boiling."

- Program Attendee, NSA

"Thank you for facilitating our Leadership Board Retreat.  Your experience and knowledge helped create our vision and keep an upbeat flow.  Your help and advice were huge in the success of the retreat."

- Chapter President,
    Meeting Planners Intl.

"It was a pleasure indeed to have you with us.  We received great feedback and needless to say, everyone was overwhelmed with your program."

- Chapter President, NSA

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