Whether its a family, individual, group, charity or a business of any size, events of the 21st Century have forced us all to do more with less. 

Business success in this environment is going to take creativity, teamwork and cooperation, and a laser focus on providing great customer service. 

As a speaker, an author and a trainer, Ed Scannell has been helping people and businesses develop these attributes for over 30 years with:
Welcome to the New Normal!
  • Large & small group training on topics that effect the bottom line like building effective teams,  managing productive meetings and efficient time management.
  • Books packed with games & activities to ensure involvment & participation in your meetings & training sessions.
  • Tailored programs & retreats to help develop actionable strategies, leadership skills, and success plans.
"Ours is a resilient business with an even more enthusiastic workforce to match.  We all understand the importance of face-to-face meetings and the results they achieve.  We’ll need to continually tell - and sell - this important fact.  The ball is in your court - what are you going to do with it? "

-Ed Scannell
Ed is available for presentations, seminars & workshops across the U.S.  and internationally.

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Flexible training that entertains and involves participants for maximum effect.

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Rich with ideas, games and activities to make your training come alive and your employees want to learn.

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