Ed Scannell has written or co-authored over 17 books on training and public speaking.  

"They not only found the right city for our new Alaska office, they found the building and staffed it for us. We were up and running in a week. Wow!"

- C Keller, The 535 Group

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A fresh new take for trainers - teambuilding games that emphasize improved learning and communication through the recently popular lens of brain function.  Use the secrets of brain science to improve communication, interpersonal relations, and productivity in any team or group.   $23.95   Buy Now
Don't let the audience snooze through your presentation!  Use these fun-filled, interactive games and activities to build rapport and warm up the audience, provide refreshing "breathers" from the monotony of a speech, get peoples blood flowing with physical activity, generate lively discussions, reinforce the key points of your message in an enjoyable way and win back an audience that has tuned out!   $23.95   Buy Now
From the authors of the most phenomenally successful training series of all time comes a second huge collection of ice-breakers, brain teasers, problem solvers, and session closers that have been chosen to train for the skills today's companies are seeking. Included are games that teach employees how to continuous learning; exercises that enhance motivation, effectiveness, and speed in providing quality customer service; and activities that foster team-building.  Buy Now
Keeping your team motivated and challenged, especially during tough economic times, can be difficult. But this collection of high-energy, play-anywhere games, from bestselling authors and trainers Ed and Mary Scannell, provides you with all the fun, inspiring material you need to build team spirit, communication, and trust among coworkers-day in and day out.   $23.95   Buy Now

Meeting new people, developing listening skills, learning proper business etiquette, or dealing with difficult customers or coworkers are all challenges every company faces. The Big Book of People Skills Games offers a host of interactive yet engaging games you can use to tackle all of these communication-challenged areas within your group. RESULTS: effective communication, greater team confidence, and improved customer service.   $23.95   Buy Now
A frequent speaker at industry events, Edward E. Scannell, Director of the Center for Professional Development and Training in Scottsdale, AZ., has been reporting on Industry Trends for over twenty years.  Active in civic and professional groups, Ed has served as the National President of ASTD, MPI and NSA. He has written or co-authored fifteen books, including the McGraw-Hill best selling “Games Trainers Play” series. 

The Big Book Series:

Jump-start any training session, workshop, or retreat with dozens of interactive games that build brain function in fun and engaging ways. The Big Book of Brain-Building Games offers all kinds of stimulating games to help your team improve information retention, camaraderie, and productivity--and requires few or no props. You'll learn what triggers to pull to help your group think and work better with these play-anywhere, crowd-pleasing interactive games.   $23.95   Buy Now
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Bring your training to life with these fun-filled games.  Developed to help keep your sessions active and your participants involved, you'll turn to these books time after time.   Buy Now
Complete Games Trainers Play Series: